Push to RMMC, Seth’s house, Then the flatlands

The night before we got to camp we stayed in this small town called Hartsel. There wasn’t much of a town, a cafe and gas station pretty much. We were looking for a place to camp for the night and the guy at the gas station suggested we go camp behind this old  rundown red barn. It was a beautiful spot to camp. Seth was excited to sleep inside but jackson and I chose to set up the tent outside. The place was just a bit too creepy. Turns out Seth might have chosen the better solution for the night. I have never been in a tent when it’s gotten that windy. A big storm came through in the middle of the night. I woke up to the side of the tent smashing down on my face from the force of the wind gusts. Luckily everything stayed dry. We’re amazed that even with such a storm that little sheet (rainfly) we drape over the tent each night was able to perform as well as it did. 

We had a beautiful morning of riding and crossed over Wilkerson Pass. I enjoyed watching the progress of a hot air ballon get off the ground, as we rode past it and then saw it from a distance behind us. The downhill from Wilkerson pass was fabulous! I got up to 47 miles an hour! Oh yeah! Once the steep part ended we had an awesome tailwind and slight down hill all the way to lake George. We were cruising at an easy 30 mph. If only all biking were like that! 

From lake George we climbed all the way back up to Rocky Mountain Mennonite camp. Which lies at the base of pikes peak at elevation of 9620ft. We were warmly greeted by some of our Goshen friends who were working summer staff there and the other members of the staff. RMMC is one of my favorite places in the world. And Seth’s second home. Words can’t describe how happy I was to bike a familiar road and see people I knew at camp. It was extremely rejuvenating. We got there in time for lunch and spent the afternoon lounging around and played the disc golf course Seth helped set up around camp. That evening we got a quality dose of hail, mixed in with the sunshine.

That you to Rocky Mountain Mennonite camp for so hospitable giving us food and lodging! You have a special place in our hearts. Also if anyone out there has not visited this wonderful place you should! You can rent beautiful cabins overlooking the mountains and spend a quality weekend hiking or relaxing. Anyways that’s my plug, it’s such a great place. 

The following day we dropped 3000ft into Colorado Springs. Talk about a long downhill! It felt like a rest day! We went right through a beautiful canyon along route 24. When we arrived at Seth’s house, we were happy to see friends and family sitting on lawn chairs in the yard awaiting our arrival! One of which happened to be Andrew Glick, our friend from Portland. Together Andrew, Jesse gotwals and Indy, Seth’s sister, we’re going backpacking the following day. It was great to see them and along with Jodi, Seth’s mom, we all went out to eat for dinner, which was awesome. 

Then we had a real rest day at Seth’s place. Jodi spoiled us with food. We had a great day off the bikes but it was filled with running errands and catching up on things we needed to do, internship stuff etc. We also were also interviewed by Dominique Chew,  working in Com Mar at Goshen college and Rachel Sommers from MCC. 

The last few days have gone quick. Seth’s dad, Bryan, came back from his week long ‘Ride the Rockies’ tour to bike with us for a day. 

We took a long break in Eads, Colorado to get out of the sun for a couple of hours and came across this sign. Apparently we have gone half way! Time flys. 

We stayed at some wonderful church last night in Sheridan lake and were able to use their kitchen and sleep in the cool air conditioning. We’d bike 107 miles! Feeling accomplished with our century rise. 

We reached Kansas today. 

Because of the heat we resorted to getting up at 4am. So worth it. Today we battled a brutal cross wind coming from the north. Unbelievably windy! Riding basically sideways. With so much surface area win our bags and stuff every time a truck would pass the wall of wind that would hit us almost made us come to a halt. It was crazy how much the wind was able to toss us around today. We rolled into Scott city Kansas just beat. We arent going any farther today, 77 miles today a bit under where we wanted to be but still good. We are aiming to get to Kansas City by Sunday evening. From Seth’s house in Colorado Springs we knew we had to do 700 miles in 8 days. It’s pretty rough, especially when the wknd beats you up all day like today. we are hoping for one day of great tailwind to make up the mileage. We will make it to KC! We are determined  

 (sunrise this morning) 

 (It was a hot one yesterday coming across eastern Colorado) 

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