MCC Global family

Hi y’all–my name is Lowell Brown. I help to coordinate MCC’s Global Family education program that Jackson, Caleb and Seth are generously supporting with their bike ride.
Global Family projects are community based, which means that local schools and community leaders determine their education priorities, and MCC supplies resources and support. In this way Global Family improves the quality of education for more than 45,000 young people in 40 countries each year.

Take a minute to flip through a few of the projects at They range from K-12 schools to preschools, after-school programs, peace clubs and vocational training centers.
For $1 a day, on average, Global Family improves education for five children or young adults. So if the JCS Tour meets its goal of $5,000, it will effectively send 68 kids to school for a year. Not too shabby!
Since Jackson, Caleb and Seth are climbing mountains for education, I figured I could move my fingers a bit. I donated online at, and you should too. 
Actually, I just decided I’m going to donate again when they cross the Mississippi. Who’s with me? 

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