The Guys

Caleb Longenecker


I grew up for the majority of my life in Grayslake, IL. As I come to the end of my college academic career, I’m realizing that I have been in school for 15+ years of my life. I grew up in a family that highly values education, and I am lucky to have had the learning opportunities that I have had. I love learning and I love adventure, which makes this summer’s ride for global family so exciting. The Global Family program, as Seth and Jackson have said, gives us more purpose and adds extra meaning to our trip. Goshen College is an extraordinary institution and we have been blessed with excellent professors and mentors these past years. I feel empowered to be riding for a cause like Global Family which gives others educational opportunities.

Jackson Bush


I grew up (in Bluffton, Ohio) listening to my dad’s stories of how he biked across the country as a recent college grad. As a result, I have dreamed of following in his footsteps (or bike path) for some time now. In fulfilling this dream, however, my buddies Caleb and Seth and I also have an opportunity to raise money for a meaningful cause. Through my time at Goshen and especially my three month SST experience in Peru, I have come to truly appreciate the value of the education that I have received. This is, of course, a stark contrast to how I felt about school as a young whippersnapper, where I did not hold school in the highest regards. Getting older, however, has given me an entirely different perspective. While I didn’t always appreciate going to school when I was younger, I can now say that I greatly appreciate that I was given the opportunity for education. By taking advantage of this opportunity I have been given many opportunities and a lot of doors have been opened for me. I believe that this opportunity to learn is an opportunity that should be given to everyone. So, by raising money for MCC’s Global Family Program, I am looking to give the same educational opportunities that were given to me to people who need them.

Seth Miller


I am a Physics major from Colorado Springs, CO. In the spring of 2013 I spent 3 months living and studying in Cambodia through Goshen College’s SST program. While in Phnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia, I lived in a house with 11 other Cambodian students who all attended university. From my time spent with them I learned that most of them were the first person in their families to get a higher education. Their families were sacrificing a lot so that they could have a better future. This experience made me realize how I took my own educational opportunities for granted. Now as I finish my college education, I look for a chance to give back and help others have better access to education

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